Thursday, January 23, 2014

6 Ridiculous Arguments Used For Legalized Abortion

****Edited to add one more. Because the crazy just keeps on coming.

I can't believe its here again. I remember where I was last year on this date. I was typing on my ipad at the kitchen table, trying to come to grips with the severity of the day, trying to figure out what to do with the pit in my stomach knowing that with every passing minute, another two babies were gone. I saw one or two posts today, and thought, no, it can't be today. Surely there would be more online about it. Yet as I looked into it I discovered it was true. Today was the anniversary for Roe V. Wade. I guess the reason I didn't see much about it is because with 5 kids at home, I don't see any news during the day. I imagine it's being covered on a news station or two. Probably mostly on the conservative one.

Days like today (or yesterday by the time you read this) send my mind spinning. My over analyzing brain goes into overdrive. I see all the bickering online. The ignorance. Rehashing old tired arguments that follow zero laws of logic. And I want to help them. The teacher in me believes they just need to be educated.

So in remembrance of all the lives lost, because of the decision of Roe V. Wade, and because of my love for logic, I need to address a few arguments that need to be put to bed.

1. “Yes, I believe it is murder, but who am I to judge. I know I would never choose it, but I support a woman's right to do it.”

For starters, how does that even come out of someones mouth? Wait, you did just agree that it is murder? Hands down I have more respect for someone who says “It's not a life, and it's my right” then this crazy, “yes it's murder, but what can ya do?” nonsense. How on earth an alarm doesn't go off every time somebody says this, followed by a knock at their door and all voting rights removed, I will never never know.

2. “How can you say you are pro life, and also be for the death penalty! Hypocrite!!”
Great comparison. A man brutalizes and murders countless children, and yes, of course, let's compare his life with the lives of the "least of these," helpless babies. Also, here is an article about killers that were given life sentences that were freed to kill again. Yes, so please, no more with this argument.

3. “We can't afford more babies, over populated planet! No room!! Less is more!”
Here is the thing. You just aborted the guy that was going to find a way to live on mars! Way to go! Also, that whole cancer cure? Yeah, the girl that was going to discover that never saw the light of day. Oh, and the person that had a plan to end world poverty? That guy will be aborted tomorrow. You see, there are two forms of energy. Kinetic and potential. Is kinetic more powerful than potential? Roe v. Wade says yes. Science says no.

4. “All those unwanted babies become murderers and drug dealers! We are safer this way!”
I would like to introduce the people that say this to google. (google: famous adopted )And I would also like to put money on the fact that these people also voted for Bill Clinton, who was clearly unwanted, and that they are using their iphone, by another unwanted baby, Steve Jobs, to say these illogical words. Not to mention how disgusting it is to suggest that a baby that goes up for adoption is unwanted. Seriously. So disgusting. I would also like to point these people to the lines of people wanting and waiting to adopt a baby.

5. "Women are going to do it anyway, would you rather them lose their life in a back alley with a dirty hanger?"

Ok, so let me get this straight, we need to make murder less dangerous? Seriously? Again, if you don't think it's murder, of course this logic makes sense to you, I grant you that. But Christians, that believe that the fetus is a living breathing real life baby, are you really saying that we need to make murder less dangerous? Please, say that out loud, using those words. "We need to make murder less dangerous." And then let's apply it to other arenas as well. I mean, think of all the mothers that have lost their lives driving their children off a bridge. Shouldn't we make it more accessible for mothers to kill their older children too? I mean, otherwise they are just going to drive their car off a bridge and die themselves instead of only killing their children. God help me.

6.  “Who are you to judge?” 
I just can't hear this one anymore. Not one more time. We all judge, all day long! Thank God! Should I cross the street? I don't know, let me judge. Should I wear a warm coat? I don't know, let me judge. Should I stop that man from beating that dog? Yes, I have judged the situation, and must intervene. Judging is such an important activity, that we actually have people with the job title of “Judge.” And the people that quote that verse? Again, I must direct them to google. Maybe try “What does “Judge not lest you be judged” actually mean? Does it mean that we allow criminal activity to go unchecked? That we don't defend the defenseless? Nope. Not for one second. No. The Bible tells us to Judge (discern) with right judgment.

There are more, so many more. This list is incomplete.  But it's a start. And maybe if just these six nonsensical arguments were eliminated, maybe a real conversation could take place. Also, it is safe to say I would even be satisfied if these arguments were just never used again by people that identify themselves as Christians. Just that in and of itself would be a huge step in the right direction.

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  1. Great blog! You are so right, I hardly heard anything about it. It should stir more Christians to action.